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el 5 Sep 01, a las 10:21, Louis Proyect dijo:

> Wandering around Buenos Aires in June of last year, Susan Weissman, an
> associate professor of politics at California's Saint Mary's College, found
> herself on a street lined with bookstores -- where, in the window of one shop,
> she noticed a display of the latest issue of El Rodaballo, a literary and
> political journal. The magazine's design was elegant, but what really caught her
> eye was its headline: "The Contemporary Relevance of Victor Serge." It is a
> subject very close to Ms. Weissman's heart. 

Serge was quite well known in the Marxist left of Buenos Aires during the 50s 
and 60s, particularly due to the work of diverse Trotskyist groups, among which 
the one I come down from. In fact, in the Argentina of the 60s and 70s most 
Marxists had quite a good grasp (at least a general knowledge) not only of 
Lenin but also of Trotsky, Serge, Preobrazhensky, et al. 

This was one of the most amazing consequences of the "European" character of 
our intelligentsia.

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