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*** [1] Press release regarding a letter from soon-to-be-soldiers:
         "We will not serve!"

*** [2] Text of Letter [including list of (62) names]


[1] Press release regarding a letter from soon-to-be-soldiers:
     "We will not serve!"


We are a group of 62 Israeli youths, about to be called to up  to
service in the IDF.

In protest against the severe violations of human rights  carried
out by Israel in the occupied  territories  -  be  it  executions
without trials  or  brutal  sieges  imposed  on  the  Palestinian
population - we just sent a  letter  to  the  Israeli  PM,  Ariel
Sharon, in which we inform him that we intend to refuse  to  take
part in the oppressive actions against  the  Palestinian  people.
Each of us, in his/her own way, will  refuse  to  cooperate  with
this horrible occupation - some  of  us  will  refuse  to  enlist
altogether, others will not serve in ground units and/or  in  the
occupied territories, and some will prefer to leave the army on a
mental-health pretext, in order to avoid service.

We call upon people of our age to join  us.  During  this  coming
school-year we will put up stands at high-school gates  in  order
to persuade more youths to join us. In addition, we will  support
the ones who choose to join our cause.

For details and a for copy of the letter:

Haggai Matar - 053-881213

Yair Hilo - 09-7457951

Shani Werner - 055-865422


[2] Text of Letter (including list of names)

To: Prime Minister Ariel Sharon
CC: Minister of Security, Binyamin Ben-Eliezer
     IDF Chief of Staff, Shaul Mofaz


We the undersigned, youths who grew up and  were  brought  up  in
Israel, are about to be called to serve in the  IDF.  We  protest
before you against the aggressive and racist  policy  pursued  by
the Israeli government's and its army, and to inform you that  we
do not intend to take part in the execution of this policy.

We strongly  resist  Israel's  pounding  of  human  rights.  Land
expropriation,  arrests,  executions  without  a   trial,   house
demolition, closure, torture, and the prevention of  health  care
are only some of the crimes the state of Israel carries  out,  in
blunt violation of international conventions it has ratified.

These actions are not only illegitimate; they do not even achieve
their stated goal - increasing  the  citizens’  personal  safety.
Such safety will be achieved only through a just peace  agreement
between the Israeli government and the Palestinian people.

Therefore we will obey our conscience and REFUSE to take part  in
acts of oppression against  the  Palestinian  people,  acts  that
should properly be called terrorist actions. We call upon persons
our age, conscripts, soldiers in the standing army,  and  reserve
service soldiers to do the same.

Haggai Matar
Amir Melanki
Nave Avimor
Shani Werner
Neta Zalmanson
Ya'el Aydan
Yair Hilo
Ra'anan Forschner
Michal Bar-Or
Matan Kaminer
Guy Arnon
Yosi Bartal
Reut Katz
Rotem Yaniv
Yemima Fink
A'lmah Yitzhaki
Ya'el Skilevski
Amir Zemer
Asaf Shtul-Trauring
Yonathan Zvik
May O'mer
Spiltzki Lihi Rothchild
Yoni Cohen
Emily Ya'aqov
Nitzan Shlush
Uriah Oren
Avi Ya'aqov
Yigal Rosenberg
Tali Lerner
A'di Sneider
Asher Shechter
Uri Brahav
A'mit Stark
Yuri Ronen
Stav Bar-Shani
Daniela Freund
Gali Rabinovitz
Yoni Ben-Dor
Shira Gertner
Uri Shamgar
Itamar Ben-Zaken
Roy Golan
Ya'el Polak
Re'ut Ben-Zur
Itay Greenstein
Ziv Kraus
Alon Elkin
Noa Levi
Tal Paz
Idan Hadash
Jacky Levi
Tzofit Kommemi
Maor Heumann
Gil Kremer
Elad Or
Gilad Itamar
Tia Levi
Yuval Kojman
Fracesca Katz
Merav Melamed
Alon Kess
Aya Michlin


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