some comment on Globalization

David Walters dwalters at
Thu Sep 6 14:19:28 MDT 2001

Gaseous rhetoric aside, Lou, even taken at face value, the statements are
still wrong.

The rhetoric of uniting labor and liberation movements, valid or not, and I
think they are, are UNDERMINDED by the 'other' forces implicit in the
statements, which means the Democratic Party. The document, what we should
be discussing, is centered exactly on this. If, for example, various
coalitions are joining together, say, to build another "Seattle", there will
be the CPUSA pushing the whole movement to the right, saying we need to
"defeat the right", meaning support for liberal (or, in the case of Gore,
not so liberal) Democrats. It is THIS that derails the movement more than
even the ultra-left tactics of a few anarchists.

Marxists should be weighing the tactics and strategy carefully, focusing on
the objective, giving a black eye to globalization, for example, while
trying to win and mobilize more working class support for actions against
globalization on the one hand and OPPOSING tailending the Democratic Party
electorally on the other. The CPUSA speaks in the opposite direction...and

David Walters

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