McDonalds ideology machine on overdrive

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Thu Sep 6 14:57:17 MDT 2001

>>> bstoller at 09/02/01 08:31PM >>>

AP. Septmeber 2001. McDonald's Gives $1M to Laborer. [Editorial  note at

HOLLY HILL, Fla. -- McDonald's hand-picked a formerly homeless day
laborer and gave him $1 million as part of the restaurant chain's effort
to restore consumer confidence in its sweepstakes promotions.

Patrick Collier, 35, and his fiancee, 29-year-old Sandi Fabian, had been
frequenting the restaurant for about six weeks and lived across the
street in a hotel room they shared with Collier's mother.


CB: Remember the 50's television show , "The Millionaire" where the fictionally generous millionaire would give some regular person one million dollars every week, just to see how they would respond ?

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