Chavez reaffirms ties to Cuba

David Walters dwalters at
Thu Sep 6 15:43:45 MDT 2001

I like what I hear, too, but I know it's also more complex than a couple of
speeches and a few high fives with Fidel.

Clearly, the US is pissed at Chavez. Score one for the good guys.

However, the imperialists work at different levels, including trying to
co-opt Chavez. They also recognize that Chavez came to power via a popular
election, but also that it wasn't a revolutionary movement that put him in
office. Complexities indeed.

Also, the unions have been moving away from Chavez, since he started to play
the role of Peron when it comes to these working class institutions. The
independent Oil Workers slate, elected from the depressed oil producing
regions of the country as part of the pro-Constituant Assembly mobilizations
have broken with Chavez over the issue of gov't interference in the unions
and his back-tracking on the issue of the sovereignty of the Assembly

David Walters

> Charles Brown:
>> What is your current opinion of the Chavez's program's revolutionary
> potential since we  discussed it on your downwithcapitalism list ?
> I like what I hear.
> And when there's something tangible to see, I'll like it even more.

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