Some comment on globalization

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Thu Sep 6 17:46:25 MDT 2001

Response to Proyect,
 Well I'm glad you have backtracked are you insistence that the
Democratic Party is the main architect of globalization. Whew! That must
have been a gut-wrenching move; a most difficult concession. As to the
illuminating response of "gaseous rhetoric"; take a Tums, it'll be
alright. I'll take such an intelligent response as a sign that I am
correct and that you must not disagree too much, since the specific
remark of "gaseous rhetoric" implies some particular problem of form
rather than content of my post. Thanks.

Of course we need a revolutionary party, but one that doesn't imagine
some "really" revolutionary situation and drive itself into isolation.
Surely most Marxist formations (Trotskyist and Stalinist) have come to
this conclusion by now!

Joel W.

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