Social Structures of Accumulation

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> Just some concepts that I have been pondering lately.
> Jim Craven
> BTW, on a parenthetical note, I hereby commit myself not to contribute to
> any list implosion by doing the following: When I see the e-mail
> of those I feel are likely to be sectarian, toxic, snotty and generally
> baiting in their missives and responses, and I have a very small list
> already, I will immediately hit the delete key before reading anything
> have to say or, reading any responses by anyone to what they have to say.
> There are some that I feel are more than likely to have nothing of value
> read or worth one second of my time. I'm sure that there are those who
> the same about me and what I have to say, so why not everybody just
> figure-out whose views they feel are likely to be more in the nature of
> snide remarks, taunting etc and then just not bother to read whatever
> write or whatever is written in response to what they write? There might
> a little of "Balkanization" in that approach but that goes on in reality
> all lists anyway.

Hi Jim!

Marxists should always oppose to racism and forced assimilation of cultural
identities (ie., Indians) by imperial powers--even to the risk of being
blamed for standing on the way to capitalist development and
civilization--. This is the first step in weakening Negri's _Empire_ from

in solidarity with Blackfoot nation..

best, Xxxx

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