some comment on Globalization

jenyan1 jenyan1 at
Thu Sep 6 22:21:51 MDT 2001

On Thu, 6 Sep 2001, Louis Proyect wrote:

> Of course you are wrong. We are facing a general onslaught from the two
> capitalist parties. For all practical purposes, Richard Nixon was to the
> left of Bill Clinton. It is not a "neo-conservative" movement we are up
> against, but a fairly united big bourgeoisie. The service that Alan
> Greenspan renders to both parties should make this clear, as should the
> votes in favor of funding counter-revolution in Colombia and Yugoslavia.
> The Democrats do stand for a mildly more progressive stance on social
> questions, which is key to holding on to their feminist and gay bases, but
> from the standpoint of working people overall, there is not much to choose
> from. That is why voting with your feet (staying home) has become more and
> more of a feature of recent electoral politics.
Needless to say, the "mildly progressive stance" is also the key to the
Democratic stranglehold on the black vote (or that portion of the black
population which bothers to vote).

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