Anti-globalization movements in D.C.

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Global Justice Week of Action in Washington, D.C. Calendar of events

Sept. 24-25: Women's Equality Summit, Congressional Action Day
Sept. 25: March in defense of the rights of immigrants
Sept. 27-29 (evenings): Teach-ins on the World Bank, IMF and the global

economy - Forum on the impacts of international financial institution
policies on women in the global economy
Sept. 28: "Behind the Label" retailer actions with UNITE, protesting
sweatshop conditions
Sept. 29: Latin America Solidarity sponsored International Day of Action

Against U.S. Military and Economic Intervention in Latin America and the

Sept. 29: Interfaith Service for debt cancellation and global justice
Sept. 30: Massive rally and march, demanding:
IMF/World Bank debt cancellation
A fair trade agenda and no Fast Track/FTAA
Priority treatment for combating HIV/AIDS
Support for local labor struggles (including parking lot attendants'
fight for the right to organize with Hotel Employees and Restaurant
Employees Local 27)
Nov. 9: ICFTU's Global Unions' Day of Action by the Workplaces of the
World. Nov. 9 is the opening day of the WTO Ministerial meeting in
Qatar. Sponsored by the AFL-CIO in the U.S.

(Originally published in the Peoples' Weekly World, 1 Septem

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