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> Response: (Jim C) Bingo! and thanks Jose. For the
> record, we have many
> Blackfoot who have never read even one word of Marx
> or Lenin--or don't know
> who they were/are--who know and regard from concrete
> experience, that
> capitalism is an ugly, racist, predatory,
> atomizing-homogenizing, genocidal,
> commodifying, dehumanizing and brutal system, driven
> by internal
> contradicitons and grotesque inequalities in wealth,
> power and access to
> destroy far far more than it can possibly create.

There's something really, really interesting in this.

Sometimes being on the receiving end educates more
than reading a thousand books.

> But
> in any case, no one can call himself/herself a
> "Marxist" while
> equivocating/disputing even one bit vis-a-vis the
> fact and reality that
> nothing less than outright genocide is being
> conducted against Indigenous
> and other peoples in the U.S. and Canada;

I've always been puzzled by this.

To me, the definition of "genocide" is the physical,
economic, political, and cultural destruction of a
nation, tribe, ethnicity, etc. If that doesn't
describe EXACTLY what Natives have endured for the
past 500 years, what does?


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