Chavez starts land redistribution

Eduardo Enriquez eldiablito666 at
Sat Sep 8 23:07:25 MDT 2001

--- Barry Stoller <bstoller at> wrote:
> Reuters. 8 September 2001. Venezuela's Chavez Takes
> First Step to Land
> Reform.
> CARACAS, Venezuela -- In the first step toward a
> radical agrarian reform
> in Venezuela that might involve property
> confiscation, President Hugo
> Chavez presented poor farmers with deeds to
> thousands of acres of land
> on Saturday.

like most latin american leftists i was also expectant
to see what Chavez will do with so much power the
people gave him. as the times advanced he really
started to make me doubt whether he really was really
going to push important reforms in venezuela or
whether he already got drunk with power and vanity.

it is definite that he could have followed a smarter
course if he really was serious in his "revolucion
bolivariana" so as to not let the right wing hurt his
popularity. with his silly direct confrontation with
the catholic church the only thing he was going to
achieve is to alienate some religious people and this
being such a religious nation and the poor thus will
very likely defend religion traditions since it is one
of the few things that gives them hope for the future.

his too close friendship with Fidel Castro also only
serves the right wing to scare some people more
convingcingly that he was going to turn the country
commie like cuba and of course impose a personal
dictatorship with the suspension of civil liberties.
it is not of course the case, he himself has said he
does not think the way cuba has gone into bringing
social justice is the one he wants for Venezuela. but
i mean his even playing baseball with him and his
constant praising of the cuban revolution and its
achievements. his naming of the schools for poor
children "escuelas bolivarianas" which smells of
inspiration from cuba, etc. it is just not very smart

hes a person who really enjoys this leadership role.
his big rallys, his many long television and radio
speeches, and the symbolism hes developed around his
movement with those red hats he and his followers use
and all the constant dropping of Simon bolivar's name.
it is definite that he has developed a strong
personality cult around him. then there is no doubt
that his movement is as much leftist as it is
populist. his speeches and his speaking style as
melodramatic as they are and his power to hypnotize
the masses. all of this has led a few to make of him a
new Alberto Fujimori. there has been many accusations
from the press of some harrassing. i really dont think
he is innocent of disliking seriously when sections of
the press critizise his regime.
its is thus how his regime will probably fall short of
his pretensions. him taking steps towards land
redistribution can gives us hope that hes serious in
his wanting to help the people improve their lives
radically. but no doubt his enjoyment of his celebrity
status will always be a limit into what we can expect
of him. he feeds the right wing constantly of easy
ways to bring his popularity down.
but anyway lets keep our attention on his actions. the
USA has already an eye on him. a similar situation as
the Venezuelan one could develop soon in Nicaragua and
El Salvador since the sandinista and the FFMLN are
very likely to win the next elections in those
countries which will happen soon. the old political
class leading most latin american countries are
perceived  as very corrupt and incompetent by the
people and also their neoliberal reforms not improving
things are bringing this new wave of left movements
such as the very popular and large indian movements in
mexico, ecuador and bolivia and seems even
resucitating old ones such as APRA in peru and the
central american ones.

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