Strange ideas, very strange

Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Sun Sep 9 03:32:31 MDT 2001

--Growing divergence of anti-imperialist struggles in the colonial
world and radical politics in the imperialist countries
                                --from SWP leaflet

Like Louis, I was intrigued by this line in the SWP's leaflet. It reminded
me that one of the themes and justifications for the internationalization of
the turn to industry was supposedly a *convergence* between the (then)
"three sectors" of world revolution, the idea that the entire post-WWII
period --which saw capitalism overthrown all over Eastern Europe, much of
Asia, and Cuba, had been a "long detour" but now the world revolution
resumes its main course so all FI groups everywhere had to make the turn

Unfortunately, Jack Barnes is prone to these oracular revelations. Looks
like we're going to be subjected to another one. And it's going to include a
wholesale attack on the left, use of the world "radical" is a dead giveaway.

Is anyone going to go to this? An interesting exercise would be to tape the
thing, or at least Jacks' talk (it would have to be done surreptitiously)
and then compare what he actually said to what the SWP claims he said once
Steve Clark finishes translating it into English.

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