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The following articles are in the current issue of Green Left Weekly.

EAST TIMOR: Fretilin wins, but no landslide

Fretilin, the party which declared East Timor independent in 1975 and which
was the largest single force in the long fight against occupation, has won
57% of the vote in the country's first elections since the end of Indonesian
rule - but the result is well short of the 85-90% the party had been

The United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor announced
provisional electoral results for the Constituent Assembly on September 6,
declaring 12 parties elected to the 88-seat body. Fretilin won 12 of the 13
district seats and 43 of the 75 national seats.

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EAST TIMOR: Thousands rally for socialism

DILI - In its first major mobilisation since the beginning of East Timor's
election campaign, on August 25 some 5000 Timorese Socialist Party members
and supporters gathered at Dili's Independence Field for one of the most
energetic, enthusiastic and political rallies the country has yet seen.

Converging on Dili from the districts of Liquica and Ermera at around 2pm, a
convoy of some 30 or more trucks and cars, led by dozens of motorcycles,
stretched for almost a kilometre as it headed down the coast road and into
central Dili.

An hour later, separate convoys coming from the southern district of Aileu
and Manatuto on the east coast - delayed by distance and difficult roads -
arrived in a dazzling mix of dust, exhaust smoke and red flags.

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