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The following articles are in the current issue of Green Left Weekly.

INDONESIA: Police move to try activists

Despite protests by human rights groups and large sections of the legal
profession, Indonesia's police are continuing their prosecution of more than
30 people for their political activities.

In the northern province of Aceh, where the military is locked in fierce
struggle with supporters of a referendum on independence, pre-trial hearings
have begun in the case of Kautsar, the chairperson of the Acehnese People's
Democratic Resistance Front.

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INDONESIA: Factory worker freed

Ngadinah binti Abu Mawardi made Indonesian history on August 30 when she
became one of the first workers to defend herself in a court of law and win.

The factory worker, who produces merchandise for giant Western sportswear
company Adidas, was controversially jailed for organising and inciting
workers to join a strike.

But on August 30, a panel of three judges pronounced Ngadinah not guilty of
both charges. They said that she was "fully rehabilitated" and ordered the
government to pay her court costs. They didn't apologise for imprisoning her
for a month before the trial.

In what could be an important precedent for other workers' rights trials,
the judges did, however, refer to International Labour Organisation
conventions, which bind signatories to protecting freedom of association,
including the right of workers to give speeches to other workers about their
rights, and to discuss those rights with fellow workers.

One hundred and fifty workmates and labour organisers attended the final
court hearing and celebrated her victory.

One said, "This is the first time I have ever heard of this happening in

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