If not "black bloc," then what?

marco rodrigues machetero_ngola at disinfo.net
Sun Sep 9 07:57:13 MDT 2001

As we all know there is going to be a mobilization against the IMF/WB at the end of this month in Washington, D.C.  Already GW University has announced that they will be kicking out thousands of students and shutting down their campus.  Another "wall of shame" is being erected, and rumors are circulating about a possible deployment of ROTC students.

Given the recent criticism leveled against so-called black bloc and "violent" protest methods, some of which I agree with, some of which I don't, what are the other options that could be pursued by people who want to go down to D.C. and voice their discontent?  Hold hands and march in a line while singing songs about peace?

What direct actions can people take part in that would be constructive,  purposeful, and possibly even educational, rather than the two "extremes" of the typical black bloc tactics on one hand and walking around with some signs and then going home on the other hand.
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