Argentinean bishop: foreign debt already settled, issue should be taken to trial at The Hague

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A typical expression of the Church against the debt in Argentina.

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Published on "El liberal" of Santiago del Estero, Sept. 8, 2001.

Baseotto stated that the foreign debt has already been settled

Proposition: The bishop ofAñatuya proposes to take the claim to the 
international tribunal of The Hague.

Buenos Aires (Infosic) The bishop of Añatuya,
Antonio Baseotto, affirmed yesterday that the foreign debt is "settled 
already", and that Argentina must reprogram the payment of the interest in 
order to allow more money to struggle against poverty that grows "day by day".  

Further more, Baseotto proposed that a presentation should be made to the 
international tribunal of The Hague, supported by the Vatican, establishing 
that Argentina has already amply satisfied her original foreign obligations.

The santiagueño priest remembered that Pope John Paul II has repeatedly 
sustained, on different document, that the public debts of Third World 
countries must be rescheduled.

He pointed out, in this sense, that the Pope has even appointed an emissary, 
the Cardinal of Tegucigalpa Oscar Rodríguez Madariaga, with the task of 
furthering this proposition from the Legislatures of different countries.

The Mexican religious, said the bishop, "is ready to work with the Argentinean 
Congress" to prepare the case in order to take it to the Hague, because "the 
debt is obviously paid for".

He informed that he had had meetings with Senators in order to discuss the 

According to the bishop of Añatuya, "poverty increases with the days" in 
Argentina, and it is generating a "feeling of uncertainty about the future 
because people are living in an increasingly pressing situation".

"Many people feel the lack of hope of not knowing whither we are going. Be the 
will of God to illuminate our rulers", he concluded.

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