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On Sun, 9 Sep 2001, George Snedeker wrote:

> Sudan and Oil
> By John Alan
> Another appalling thing about Sudan's war, is its racist
> dimension. This can't be ignored. On one side is Arab
> authoritarian power and on the other side are sub-Saharan
> African masses fighting for freedom.
> Eric Reeves, in an article for the June issue of THE NATION,
> put this race division on the table when he wrote: "The
> National Islamic Front looks to the Islamic and Arabic world
> for culture and racial identity. Moreover its view of the
> Nilotic and Equatorian peoples of the south is animated by a
> vicious racism. The most common term of designation in
> Arabic is ABID, which translates almost exactly as 'n----r.'
> Such attitudes do much to explain why Khartoum has actively
> abetted a modern slave trade, directed against racially
> 'African' people of the South."
In considering the problems of the Sudan, one should not ignore
the fact that the said "African masses fighting for freedom"
are [or were till very recently] being financed by Washington,
largely through its client regime in Kampala. And for some mysterious
reason, the article forwarded by George Snedeker fails to mention
this trifling fact.

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