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Mon Sep 10 07:10:54 MDT 2001

Louis, about the SWP meeting, this one line is more than strange:

--The Algeria youth festival: a step on the road to a new communist

If I'm not confused, this is a festival organized by the Algerian government
in August.

This was at the same time (or just after) the youth insurrection in Kabylia.
People part of the insurrection asked to boycott this festival, for not
legitimizing Algeria's government. For example, here is an interview of a
PST leader, the first
paragraph is about that:
<> 02.08.2001
Again if I remember well, initially the French Communist Party youth
organization planned to participate to this festival, buth they withdraw
because of
outrage of their militants interested in algerian matters.

You can forward this to the list.

Yves-Marie Quemener

Louis Proyect
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