Chavez starts land redistribution

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> Reuters. 8 September 2001. Venezuela's Chavez Takes
> First Step to Land
> Reform.
> CARACAS, Venezuela -- In the first step toward a
> radical agrarian reform
> in Venezuela that might involve property
> confiscation, President Hugo
> Chavez presented poor farmers with deeds to
> thousands of acres of land
> on Saturday.

like most latin american leftists i was also expectant
to see what Chavez will do with so much power the
people gave him. as the times advanced he really
started to make me doubt whether he really was really
going to push important reforms in venezuela or
whether he already got drunk with power and vanity.


CB: This is a particularly inappropriate response to this specific news story. Handing deeds over to poor farmers is a sign of being drunk with power ? Sounds like you are for the rich landowners. Are you just plain drunk ?

As far as stirring up rightwingers, it is utterly impossible to carryout a genuine radical reform or revolution without riling up rightwingers. What are you thinking ?

"Smells of inspiration from Cuba"  ? what are you thinking ?

 "...then there is no doubt
that his movement is as much leftist as it is
populist."     What are you thinking ?


"it is definite that he could have followed a smarter
course if he really was serious in his "revolucion
bolivariana" so as to not let the right wing hurt his
popularity. with his silly direct confrontation with
the catholic church ...clip"

...his too close friendship with Fidel Castro also only
serves the right wing to scare some people ...clip"

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