Suicide bombers in Turkey

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September 10, 2001

Turkey Bomber Kills Self, Two Others

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ISTANBUL, Turkey (AP) -- A suicide bomber set off an explosion near a
police post in Istanbul's historic Taksim Square on Monday, killing two
policemen and injuring 21 people.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the blast.

Istanbul Gov. Erol Cakir said 17 of the injured were police officers.
Turkish Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit said that an Australian tourist was
also hurt.

Taksim Square is a popular tourist area near hotels and office buildings.
The blast, which also killed the bomber, occurred some 150 yards from the
German consulate.

``There was a massive explosion, then suddenly there was a huge cloud of
dust,'' said Asim Korkmaz, a grocer who was delivering vegetables to a
restaurant some 60 yards away. ``When the dust cleared, I saw a piece of
human flesh had landed on the pavement just outside the restaurant.''

Police were trying to defuse another bomb found in the area.

Ambulances and firefighters rushed to the area, and a police helicopter
circled overhead. Police used newspapers weighted down with stones to cover
scattered body parts.

The windows of several nearby buildings were shattered. There was no
apparent damage to the German consulate.

Leftist militants and Kurdish rebels fighting for autonomy in
overwhelmingly Kurdish southeastern Turkey have carried out several such
attacks in Istanbul and other cities in recent years. Radical Islamic
groups are also active in Istanbul.

The last suicide bombing was in January, when a member of a radical Marxist
group entered a cafeteria in a police station and detonated bombs strapped
to his chest, killing himself and a police officer.

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