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>believe in the final statement posted here. The
>Alergian gov't has murdered 40,000 poor and
>working class people, privatized most of the
>economy, given away it's oil and large natural
>gas resources to impeiralists, closed the
>overwhelming majority factories in the country ,
>raised unemployment to over 40% and persecutes
>trade unionists who oppose this course of


There has never been such a thing as a purely proletarian party with
a purely revolutionary program and the FLN of Algeria was no
exception. It contained political contradictions between Marxist and
bourgeois-nationalist groupings. These contradictions were most often
expressed through the words and actions of the revolutionary
government which acted at cross-purposes.

The Tripoli program of 1962 stated that "it is the peasants and the
workers who are the active base of the movement" and called for
socialism. The leadership of the FLN had an ambiguous relationship to
the mass movement whose name it spoke on behalf of. In 1962, for
example, a major crisis broke out between the Ben Bella and Ben
Khedda factions over who would control the military arm of the
movement. This crisis reflected personal rather ideological
differences. The struggle eventually took a violent turn and 3000
combatants died. The masses demanded an end to the power struggle and
called out 'Barakat seba senin' (seven years is enough!) in reference
to the bloody civil war with France. This was not an auspicious
beginning for a new revolutionary movement that intended to build
socialism in Algeria.

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