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David Walters writes:

<< Yes, this the same international forum that had been organized by the
 ex-Comintern forces since the end of WWII. No difference.>>

As curious as the Militant article is, it is even more curious (or "curiouser
and curiouser," perhaps) that this it provides a main point of the upcoming
SWP/US public meeting, where it seems that who-knows-what wacky new direction
is going to be announced.  What would this WFDY gathering have to do with
"building a new communist international?"  I am halfway tempted to go to the
meeting and experience it myself, and I am overdue for a visit to NYC anyway,
but I don't think I could stand it.

I find the continued meanderings of the SWP/US to be fascinating, but I
figure this is mainly because it was my "home" for ten years, a very long
time ago.  And the SWP once was an important force on the US Left, in a time
long ago and far away.  But sometimes I wonder if all this is of interest to
folks who never were members of the SWP or its affiliates, and who may be
less astonished (or at least morbidly fascinated) by the SWP's continuing
trajectory into the stratosphere.
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