Leonard Peltier speaks out on Pacifica struggle

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I cannot begin to express my outrage over the harassment of Democracy Now's
Amy Goodman and the removal of Democracy Now from the airwaves. It is my
hope that this latest assault will be met with overwhelming active
resistance on the part of the thousands of people across the country. I
want to express my full support for Pacifica Campaign's call for the
resignation of the six board members whose hostility toward the mission and
tradition of Pacifica cannot be tolerated. I also want to encourage you to
withhold donations to the five Pacifica stations participating in this
censorship until the entire conflict is resolved.

I want to tell you why I feel so strongly about this. As you all know, the
majority of the media in this country act as mouthpieces for the government
instead of the watchdogs we are taught they are. This has been clearly
illustrated to me in my case. Over the 25-year span of my imprisonment, my
defense team has had to fight for every ounce of media attention we have
received. And when we do receive it, rarely are the facts of my case
reported. A reporter can have in his hand court records with quote after
quote of the U.S. Prosecutor stating that he can't prove who shot the
agents but then describe me as a murderer in his story simply because the
courts have not overturned my conviction. During the height of the clemency
campaign, we finally received national press but only because 500 FBI
agents marched in front of the White House to oppose my release. Just one
week before 3,500 Indigenous Peoples and supporters marched to the U.N.
but, of course, not a peep from the press -- with the exception, of course,
of Democracy Now, WBAI, and other progressive reporters.

When we live in a society where the media is in such a compromised state,
shows like Democracy Now and networks like Pacifica are not only valuable
but they are our life lines, especially for the hundreds of thousands of us
locked behind prison walls where information is even more difficult to access.

I personally rely on Democracy Now as my main source of information. Each
day it helps me to stay informed and to remember that all of you are still
out there caring about the kinds of issues that Democracy Now reports and
struggling for government accountability, human rights, and social change.
Let's follow in the footsteps of the KPFA victory and refuse to allow the
corporate takeover of the country's most valuable network and radio show.

In the Spirit of Crazy Horse,

Leonard Peltier

Support Senate Hearings on Peltier Case!
Call Senator Leahy: 202-224-4242

Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
PO Box 583
Lawrence, KS 66044

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