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Tue Sep 11 08:29:03 MDT 2001

BBC (with additional material by AP). 11 September 2001. Planes attack
US targets.

Two planes have crashed into the World Trade Center in New York City
while another - reportedly a Boeing airliner - has smashed into the
Pentagon in Washington DC.

The White House, the Capitol and the Pentagon - the heart of the US
military machine - are all reportedly being evacuated.

All flights within the US have been grounded.

An early report said six people had been killed in the World Trade
Center attack while hundreds were injured. There are no details so far
of casualties in Washington.

Smoke is pouring from the upper storeys of both towers of the World
Trade Center while latest pictures from Washington show smoke coming
from the Pentagon.

The World Trade Center, one of the world's tallest buildings, has been
badly damaged in what President George W Bush, speaking in Florida,
described as "an apparent terrorist attack."

New York police have been quoted as saying that both planes involved in
the World Trade Center attack were hijacked from Boston.

A few minutes after the first tower was hit by a passenger plane, a
second, similar plane was seen flying into the second tower. A huge
explosion was seen.

Eyewitnesses say the first plane crashed into the West Tower after
flying unusually low over Manhattan Island.

A BBC correspondent says 10 to 15 floors have been affected by the

Briton James Winter, 30, living in an apartment close to the centre,
said he was woken a huge bang at around 0800 local time.

"I was in bed and there was a huge explosion. The whole building rattled
and shook," he said.

"I ran to the window and there was smoke billowing from the south side
of one of the towers. Everyone in my building was panicking and running

About 40,000 people work inside the two-building centre, and more than
150,000 people enter the complex every day.

The New York Stock Exchange, located in lower Manhattan near the trade
center where many financial offices are kept, indefinitely suspended

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