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Tue Sep 11 09:09:05 MDT 2001

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>Hi Louis -- I assume you're OK up at Columbia.  Can you give us any reports?
>I'm watching CBS TV coverage while listening to KPFA's coverage with Larry
>Binsky out of Berkeley being rebroadcast on our community radio station out
>of Goddard College.  They've got a hook-up to Democracy Now's Amy Goodman
>who's office "in exile" from WBAI is not too far away in Chinatown.  It's
>good.  I think it ought to be available on the Internet.

I can't add anything except that people at work are completely freaked out,
even though they are uptown and far from the explosions. They seem utterly
at a loss to understand why anybody would want to do this to "us". All I
can say is that we are entering a more perilous era that requires us to
deepen our solidarity and communications with each other, since we will be
drawn into the front lines willy-nilly.

Louis Proyect
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