Socialist Party USA - Statement on WTC, Pentagon

Erik Carlos Toren cuauhtemocrey at
Tue Sep 11 10:55:28 MDT 2001

The facts of what happened at the World Trade Center and at the Pentagon
are not yet clear.  Of course there is continuous media coverage of the
disaster, repetition of rumors as fact, and wild speculation as to who
might be responsible.

We should spend the coming days mourning the dead.  Instead, it's safe to
cynically predict that there will be swift, "decisive" military action by
the Bush administration against some perceived enemy, any enemy, without
regard for the evidence.  As in the aftermath of the TWA Flight 800
disaster, there will be a flurry of "anti-terrorist" legislation that will
restrict individual rights and punish foreigners.  There will be a sudden
bipartisan consensus on huge increases in military spending.  None of these
thoughtless reactions can work.

National security is not something that can be won by intimidation.  Only
peace with justice can be a secure peace.  We will renew our own efforts to
transform the United States into a country that has no enemies---not
because our enemies have been vanquished, but because we are capable of
getting along with our neighbors.

Don Doumakes
National Co-Chair
Socialist Party USA

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