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> The facts of what happened at the World Trade Center and at the Pentagon
> are not yet clear.  Of course there is continuous media coverage of the
> disaster, repetition of rumors as fact, and wild speculation as to who
> might be responsible.
> We should spend the coming days mourning the dead.  Instead, it's safe to
> cynically predict that there will be swift, "decisive" military action by
> the Bush administration against some perceived enemy, any enemy, without
> regard for the evidence.  As in the aftermath of the TWA Flight 800
> disaster, there will be a flurry of "anti-terrorist" legislation that will
> restrict individual rights and punish foreigners.  There will be a sudden
> bipartisan consensus on huge increases in military spending.  None of
> thoughtless reactions can work.
> National security is not something that can be won by intimidation.  Only
> peace with justice can be a secure peace.  We will renew our own efforts
> transform the United States into a country that has no enemies---not
> because our enemies have been vanquished, but because we are capable of
> getting along with our neighbors.
> Don Doumakes
> National Co-Chair
> Socialist Party USA
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