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Tue Sep 11 11:19:33 MDT 2001

OK, the news are clear now.

Someone has hijacked planes and sent them against the World Trade 
Center as well as the Pentagon. Explosions took place in the Capitol 
(?) and the main mall of Washington.

The immediate question is, who benefits?

My immediate answer is: Arik Sharon and his gang.

It is nonconsequential to debate whether we are witnessing a massive 
attack by a Palestinian group (I have heard that at least one of them 
-Hamas?- has already informed that they attack targets in Palestine 
only) or not. What matters, from my own point of view, is that it is 
hardly conceivable that such an attack could be made without some 
kind of consent or collaboration from high ranking officials 
somewhere in the intelligence communities both of Israel and/or the 

Anything that the brutality and cruelty of Israel against the 
Palestinians made us win is now in risk. The American mood may well 
tilt towards the Israelis.

Is there a different interpretation?

This is not a minor question. We may well be facing an important step 
towards a militarization of everyday life in all the core countries.

Comments and info, please!

Lic. Néstor M. Gorojovsky

Louis Proyect, lnp3 at on 09/11/2001

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