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Tue Sep 11 11:58:55 MDT 2001

Dear Comrades,

the local news has reported 38 dead, so far, at one of the nyc hospitals.
lots of injured... my father works in one of the city hospitals that is
being used to treat many of the injured (although it is a hospital mainly
for the elderly).

long island is shut down.  many of the major roads are being used to provide
transport for emergency backup vehicles for the city.  patients in hospitals
closest to the city are being moved to eastern long island hospitals in
order to prepare room for the injured.

i agree with nestor.  i have a strong suspicion that something is up... does
this provide justification for bombing the palestinians?  will this give
further support to the missile defense program?  this is being compared to
Pearl harbor, but didn't the gov't know the Japanese were going to bomb?  to
many coincidences going on here...

Yours always,

PS-- For those who know what is really going on--that our entire world is
corrupted by global capitalism, not crazy arabs-- this only gives us further
reason to change the world... since no one is safe.  Global capital, as Lou
said, critiquing Empire, does have a center-- New York and DC-- and they are
not isolated from the problems capitalism generates.

on 9/11/01 1:19 PM, Louis Proyect at lnp3 at wrote:

> OK, the news are clear now.
> Someone has hijacked planes and sent them against the World Trade
> Center as well as the Pentagon. Explosions took place in the Capitol
> (?) and the main mall of Washington.
> The immediate question is, who benefits?
> My immediate answer is: Arik Sharon and his gang.
> It is nonconsequential to debate whether we are witnessing a massive
> attack by a Palestinian group (I have heard that at least one of them
> -Hamas?- has already informed that they attack targets in Palestine
> only) or not. What matters, from my own point of view, is that it is
> hardly conceivable that such an attack could be made without some
> kind of consent or collaboration from high ranking officials
> somewhere in the intelligence communities both of Israel and/or the
> US.
> Anything that the brutality and cruelty of Israel against the
> Palestinians made us win is now in risk. The American mood may well
> tilt towards the Israelis.
> Is there a different interpretation?
> This is not a minor question. We may well be facing an important step
> towards a militarization of everyday life in all the core countries.
> Comments and info, please!
> Lic. Néstor M. Gorojovsky

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