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"This is perhaps the most audacious terrorist attack that's ever
taken place in the world," said Chris Yates, an aviation expert at
Jane's Transport in London. "It takes a logistics operation from the
terror group involved that is second to none. Only a very small
handful of terror groups is on that list. ... I would name at the top
of the list Osama Bin Laden."

It is obvious that this attack is in accord with Bin Laden's aims and
methods and that he would have the necessary means of carrying them
out. Bin Laden has called in Moslems everywhere to attack and kill
Americans. He warned three weeks ago of an "unprecedented attack" on
US interests because of Washington's support for Israel. This man and
his movement has nothing in common with socialism or anything
progressive, but representative of the most rabid reaction. However,
it is not enough to shout about Bin Laden. It is necessary to explain
how he arose and why.

It must not be forgotten that Bin Laden was originally financed,
armed and backed by US imperialism and was the creature of the CIA.
When it suited Washington to stir up Islamic fundamentalism as a
weapon against the Soviet Union, they did not scruple at supporting
such epileptic reactionaries and mass murderers. As long as the
people being murdered were far away - in Afghanistan or the Middle
East, these hypocrites could afford to turn a blind eye. Now they
suddenly discover that Bin Laden and his like are the "enemies of
civilisation". But in that case, the threat to civilisation should be
stamped "made in USA".

As we have stated, the Trade Centre was bombed before in 1993. "A
second occurrence is just beyond belief," said Ira Furber, former
National Transportation Safety Board spokesman. Indeed, it is, and it
is clear that there are many enigmatic elements in this outrage. How
does it come about that the terrorists managed to launch such an
attack without alerting the US intelligence agencies? Such a vast
enterprise must have involved a large number of people, a complex
apparatus and a long time to prepare. How could this have escaped the
notice of US intelligence?

It has been said that it is difficult to penetrate terrorist
organisations. Actually, the reverse is the case. The CIA keeps
detailed files on all these groups and undoubtedly has its agents and
confidants planted in their ranks - including agents provocateurs,
who would be characterised by their extremist attitudes.

In the past, the secret services have had considerable success in
preventing terrorist attacks. This time there seems to have been a
massive - and astonishing - failure of the intelligence network.
British intelligence experts have commented that the failure of US
intelligence to detect such an operation on such a vast scale, which
must have been planned and organised over a long period is quite
astonishing - in fact, inexplicable.

How is it possible that the CIA was so ignorant and inept as to
permit such a devastating attack on the nerve-centres of the nation?
One possibility has not been mentioned - namely that it was the
result of a provocation that went badly wrong. In the shadowy world
of intrigue, provocation and counter-provocation that characterises
the activities of the secret services, it is not beyond the bounds of
possibility that a section of the US military Establishment decided
to allow the terrorists to launch an attack inside America as a means
of boosting public support for an aggressive policy and rearmament.
This would explain the surprising failure of US intelligence,
although the devastating nature of the attack would suggest that the
provocation got out of hand.

One thing is certain. That the consequence of the attack will be to
strengthen imperialism and the right wing in the USA. Once again, we
see the reactionary consequences of individual terrorism - which
Marxists unconditionally condemn

Full article: http://www.marxist.com/usa/WTC_bombings901.html
Louis Proyect, lnp3 at panix.com on 09/11/2001

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