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Tue Sep 11 15:25:52 MDT 2001

Louis, when we had our email exchange this morning, I simply did not
realize what happened. From the news now I get the impression the
ruling class in the US considers itself at war, which all
consequences this has, especially for the 'enemy within'.

If you think it makes sense you can forward my observations to the

When the news reached us people more or less stopped working and we
all watched the CNN coverage. The immediate reaction were similiar to
what you would expect at a major natural disaster e.g. an earthquake
that happens in a distant country. Speculations were circling mainly
about 'who has done' and 'how it was done' and later on ' who

We were supposed to have a conference call with a major US computer
company in the aafternoon. The call was cancelled. Since all flights
to the US are canceled, it is virtually shut up. This applies not
only to passenger traffic but all goods delivery as well. So the
economic damage is huge. The German stock market dropped more than
ten percent after the news.

Since Bush is the most unpopular president since Reagan here in
Germany fears of a "Third World War" were voiced. In front of the US
embassy in Berlin people have lit candles, at the same time there
were banners asking the US not to revenge.

Almost all TV channels (only MTV [the other music channel has stopped
transmitting out of 'respect'] and cartoon channels are showing their
usual programme) are continously reporting (It looks as if there are
no commercials aired on the commercial channels). I do not think the
coverage is much different from that of CNN. Lot of speculation about
Usama Bin Ladin etc.


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