New York/Washington Bombings

Paul Flewers hatchet.job at
Tue Sep 11 16:16:22 MDT 2001

The news in Britain has concentrated upon the US bombing, there's been very
little else on the telly this afternoon and evening. There's no new footage
since the mid-afternoon. We're told by a British reporter that the US
President is tucked away in a nuclear bunker in Omaha, Nebraska.

Middle East expert Jon Halliday from the LSE says that the bombing may have
been the work of domestic US terrorists à la Oklahoma, or Middle East
suspects like Bin Laden, or perhaps the Iraqi regime. I doubt if it's the
first, it was far too complex an operation; or the third, Iraq (and Libya)
would like to get back into Western orbits.

Apart from the large numbers of casualties amongst ordinery US citizens --
incidentally, a British building safety expert said that a building the size
of the WTO would take two or three hours fully to evacuate under peaceful
conditions -- I have no desire whatsoever to see US workers killed, I also
feel that there is a big danger of a growth of anti-Muslim both in the USA
and elsewhere. There will also be the danger of the USA (and its British
poodles) aiming more bombs at the Middle East, and also of their picking on
a convenient target (look at the way they framed Libya for the Lockerbie

What baffled me was the way that both the WTO towers collapsed, no pundit
here has tried to explain this. I would have thought they would have
withstood even a big aeroplane colliding with them.

Paul F

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