Extreme caution and thoughfulness is needed.

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>First I am relieved to hear from Lou.  My knowledge of New York geography
>is very poor and I thought he might have been in danger.  Secondly I think
>our attitude should be total agreement with the Cuban statement.  At times
>I am exceptionally proud of Cuba and this is one such time.

OK, but that takes us only up until the moment, which was about four hours
ago, when the reactionary bourgeois scum, having decided that we had had
enough of grieving and horror, began to take to the airwaves with their war
propaganda.  Every politician has decided that this is America's new "Pearl
Harbor."  We had Giuliani talking about how "every New Yorker" was behind
whatever the president wanted to do, and talking about how this was a
"completely unprovoked" attack against an "innocent" America.  Governor
Pataki was next to him, even more bellicose.  A few minutes ago we had
Madeline Albright calling it the "ultimate evil" and saying "I have complete
faith in the US military," which pretty much summed her diplomatic career as
Clinton's Secretary of State!  Cuba is not obliged to take on all the
right-wing politicians in the US at every turn.  Nor are you, Gary - though
you will have your hands full there, I expect.  But we in the US are so
obliged.  And it won't be easy!

>Have we though crossed a Rubicon here? It is impossible to say at this time
>but my first reactions are absolute horror at the images which are
>constantly being relayed on television here and secondly a gut feeling that
>the State and the Right and Sharon and co will benefit greatly from this.

>We so desperately need a world based on compassion and caring for all
>living things and a respect for nature.  I have never felt that dream to be
>so far away as it is now.

That's pretty much what this woman said who is a friend of me and my wife.
She works a block away from the WTC site, but pretty much in the same
complex.  In fact my wife couldn't remember whether her job was in the WTC
or not.  We were happy to hear that she was alive.  She had watched the
people jumping to their deaths from the WTC, driven out the windows by the
fire of the initial explosion, and her reaction was, "we've just got to stop
hating each other."  I think that's a very typical reaction, but by this
evening our "leaders" will have figured out somebody to blame for it and
will tell us to go and kill them.

Lou Paulsen

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