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<< This is billions of dollars of damage, maybe tens of
 billions.  The World Trade Center is completely destroyed.  Hundreds of
 members of the ruling class may be dead, in addition to the thousands of
 workers, whom of course they don't care about.  The collapse of the
 buildings was like a small nuclear explosion in its impact on everything
 around the Trade Center cite.  Much of the financial district of New York
 City has been crippled and will take a long time to recover.  >>

Are you sure they care?  Perhaps this horrible carnage and even financial
loss is all (from the viewpoint of the US establishment)  minor, that is, to
paraphrase Albright on the death of half a MILLION Iraqi children, "worth the
cost."  The gain: a 'proper' mental attitude, crucial when you are preparing
for war with the former Soviet Union.

They are going for world power; the steps they have taken in the Balkans and
the Baltic area, lead directly to war with countries of the former Soviet
Union, that is, nuclear war  (deaths of many millions); first strike use of
tactical nuclear weapons is part of their doctrine.  They need a public with
a state of mind to support extreme adventures.  Fortress America.

Moreover, besides Washington's  covert forces, I cannot see who could/would
have done this.  "Let's destroy the world trade center killing perhaps
thousands of
working people and thus earn universal hatred."  Does that  make  sense?

Bin laden was part of the apparatus the US spent billions creating in the
Afghanistan war; he has been used by them in Bosnia, Kosovo and probably
Chechnya and Macedonia.   So if he is indeed involved, doesn't that point to

As everyone knows, the U.S. destroyed Hiroshima as a warning to the Soviets
and Asian revolutionaries .  They do things  that kill vast numbers of people
in the U.S. - "Americans" - every day.  They are stoic about the suffering of
others, even their own.  What happened today has all the earmarks of Poltics
as Theater - Washington's  specialty.


PS I seem to recall from the earlier Trade Center trial that a US informant
was directly involved suggesting US intelligence was aware every step of the
way.  And couldn't that have killed many more, caused much greater
destruction, etc.?
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