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<< obvioushistoric significance of what has happened today, this may
 be remembered as the exact moment when monomania and paranoia, having
 the minds of some on the left, piloted them into a fiery collision with
reality. >>

Since I am quoted below, I guess this refers to me.  But 1) What is the
obvious historic significance?  and b) Wherein lies the paranoia?

The last time someone accused me of paranoia was when I wrote a leaflet
saying the U.S. was lying about the Gulf of Tonkin attack. Didn't that
earlier staged incident lead to the deaths of tens of thousands of US
soldiers (not to mention vast numbers of Vietnamese)?

If Washington didn't do this, who did?  Who else gains? Who else has the

By the  way, the newspapers say that Bush was reading stories to kids in a
school when an aide whispered the news in his ear.  The paper said Bush's
face went somber for a moment and then he went on reading.  Hell of a

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