Blowback: US connections to today's bombings

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September 11, 2001

Blowback: US connections to today's bombings

1. The attack planes indeed made HUGE and obvious deviations from their
flight paths. In at least one case, a passenger called her husband, the
Solicitor General of the US, on her cell phone, yet no one in an official in
law enforcement or security capacity even knew the plane was hijacked.

2. Sometime in the last hour, on one of the major stations, (CNN, CBS, FOX?)
a reporter speaking by telephone said that she was told by "intelligence
sources" that it was known that bin Laden had a training facility in
Afghanistan where operatives were being trained to operate 767s for suicide

(This contradicts the immediate assertion put forward by the government of
Israel, the possessor of the largest human intelligence network in the Middle
East by many orders of magnitude, that they were completely surprised by the
nature of the attack.)

Is the source quoted by this reporter passing reliable information? Will this
important part of the puzzle be repeated by the news media?

If true, then this attack was, in fact, not a surprise to our allies and the
people who are spending our billions each year to supposedly keep us safe
from terrorism.

3. And last but not least, Osama bin Laden is a product of the CIA. This is
not a conspiracy theory. Even the nitwits at MSNBC were reporting this over
three years ago.

The Atlantic Monthly (July/August 2001) covers the subject in depth here:

Here's what bin Laden's reputedly been up to since graduating from CIA
terrorist training program:

We've provided bin Laden - and many others like him - with money and
technical assistance and trained him in the fine art of waging guerilla war
against a superpower, then the Soviet Union.

In other words, the US created the guy, apparently knew he was developing the
precise capability he may have used today, and seemed to have no common sense
precautions in place to identify and respond to related threats (ex. several
large passenger jets simultaneously and significantly diverting from their

Did you ever cast a vote on whether or not to train and fund surrogate
terrorist armies to harass countries on which we had not declared war by the
means proscribed by the Constitution?

The US military-intelligence piracy has so routinely engaging in these kind
of operations over the last 50 plus years that it apparently never occurred
to any of them that, as the MSNBC article stated, some of the US trained
terrorists might some day come "home to roost."

Today they may have.

Your tax dollars at work.

Not quite a Reichstag Fire, but the end result will be the same.
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