Lou Paulsen on the attacks

David Walters dwalters at igc.org
Tue Sep 11 19:17:27 MDT 2001

  Wishful thinking on your part. The overwhelming majority of the possibly
thousands dead in NY are working class. The people killed, other than a few
hundred stock brokers, were firemen, medical personnel,  clerks, maintenance
personnel, public, mostly state and city workers.

Secondly, the only thing this attack accomplished was the elimination of the
remnants of the "Vietnam Syndrome" and of the left's ability to stymie,
however small, actions by the US overseas. "Pearl Harbor" is an
understatement in this regard, it's much worse. How many innocent people
will now die under the bombs of US air planes and missiles because of these
idiots who accomplished this criminal act?

The US has been doing the same thing to the people of Belgrade and Bagdad of
late. Before it was at least possible to mobilize people against what the US
was doing. Now? I don't know, really, outside the miniscule left.

If I was the headline editor for the NY Times, my headline would be: Who
attacked? No one knows. But it was choreographed in Washington DC.

David Walters

> Just one thing where you might be a little optimistic - that hundreds of
> the US ruling class might be dead.  Wouldn't the New York wing of the
> ruling class be in the Hamptons, rather than working in the WTC?
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