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 Washington does not gain from its own citizens' loss of their sense of
 invulnerability and lack of direct consequences for US policies. Nor does it
 gain from the sudden destruction of large portions of the Defense Department
 headquarters, the economic impact on financial markets, businesses, financial
 institutions, local governments, airlines, canceled mass gatherings, etc.,

That would be true if Washington did not have very aggressive plans.  The
NATO destruction of Macedonia has been followed by war games in Lithuania and
now more games - so-called - in Bulgaria. 24 nations involved.  Who is the

A population with a sense of immunity from counter-attack is fine if they
want to engage in business as usual.  But that's not their intent. They are
actively preparing for war with the former Soviet Union.

The media (even AOL) is all running virtually the same story/headline:
AMERICA UNDER ATTACK.  The remarkable consistency of this media campaign
suggests preparation.

1)  If this was done, as you said, by a few nuts - why don't they say that
and calm people down? Instead it's AMERICA UNDER ATTACK meaning LET'S PREPARE
TO GO TO WAR.  Isn't it remarkable that it HRUTS them to make people scared
(you say) but the mass media is going all out to terrify people?

2) IF it is harmful to them to have people lose their sense of
invulnerability, why have they exagerated this so much?  The Boston City hall
- closed.  I have heard this is going on all over the country.  Every
politician talking vengeance. Hardly consistent with fearing the effects of
instilling fear.

3) Why are you so intent on defending the U.S. ruling class from the charge
that it may be doing precisely what it has done over and over - starting with
the sinking of the Maine.  And which it has developed to a fine art during
the 90s in Yugoslavia - staging political theater, complete with bodies.

4) I didn't post Ken from Brasshceck's stuff in order to "retreat." I posted
it because he is thoughtful and dares to raise questions, something I respect.


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