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<<provocation.  But I think that the right
 wing serves the ruling billionaires.  And I don't see the ruling
 billionaires as bold, or imaginative, or willing to make short-term
 sacrifices in the long-term interest of their class. >>

Not done by individual billionaires.  Not by right wing.  Done by immense
covert and extra-governmental apparatus, much of it 'liberal',  which has:

1) organized the RPF attack on Rwanda wherein the Tutsi former slave owners
slaughtered millions of Hutus and blaimed - the Hutus.  This was planned in
Washington.  I am not speculating, I work with the lawyers for the leaders of
the former Rwandan government, and the level of consipracy and lying is mind

2) carried out same maneuver in yugoslavia.

And so on.  Not dumb.  Very imaginative.  Very organized.  Not controlled by
a few billionaires.  Controlled by forces far more impersonal, and much
richer.  At stake is pulverization of former SU and China - that is their
current goal: pulverization.  So it costs them money - gotta spend money to
make money. We're talking about the unhindered plunder of the planet.
American population needs to change its views.  Needs to become militant.

Am I speculating?  About some of above, but not most.  AND - it fits EXACTLY
what they are doing with the media right now.  AGAIN: if they don't want to
whip up war hysteria, then why are they doing it?


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