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 1. The machinations and genocide were the result of the overall destruction
 of African nations (again, note this has nothing to do with Russia), and, in
 the case of Rwanda (and Burundi) was planned in Paris, not Washington.  >>

COMMENT: Tell that to the Rwandan Hutu leaders jailed by the U.S. (at ICTR in
Tanzania)  It will be news to them.

2. "Pulverization" of China? You really got to be kidding. The US is doing
everything it can to support the gov't there in it's privitization plans."

COMMENT: U.S. desire to implement privitazation hardly contradicts desire to
pulverize.  Overtall plan for world transforamtion does not require dropping
all interim measures.  THe U.S. goal with Russia and China is long term -
removal of integral states or the possibility of their re-creation.

"(Remember BEFORE 1991 in Yugoslavia when the League of Communists were ALSO
implementing fiscalization and destruction of the working class...straight
out of Belgrade?"

Half truths, result of confusion or worse, to confuse the innocent.  Uses
Belgrade, implies Milosevic, of course - but not true. Yugoslavia before 1991
was not under control of the people who formed the SPS.  E.g., Milosevic was
never in Presidency, prior to breakup.  Complicated struggle - in SERBIAN
REpublic's  League of Communists main content was: fight against bureacracy
(mass working clas movemnt) against racism (towards Serbs and Roma) and to
drive out U.S. flunkies.  At same time, Yugoslavia (run by different people)
was in bed with IMF.  Hence the secession.

"You can't aim a
potential trillion dollars in investment in China without the power of the
State to enforce an obedient working class, no can you?"

Tell that to US strategists; maybe they'll listen.  They are working, as we
speak, even to break up client states - their strategy is make it small.
China as a vast nation is much more dangerous to the US; it   poses always
the possibility of resurgent revolution - much better, they think, to break
it up into territories.  The U.S. is interested in strategic
military/political control.  The think, and they are right, that that makes
possible exploitation on a scale now undreamed of.

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