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<<  I
 think between both groups, Tutsis and Hutus, there is enough blame to go
 around, instead of lining up with one group ("slave owners" is bit of a
 stretch, at least as applied to the last few generations of Tutsis). >>

On planet earth, the U.S. paid for the RPF which invaded Rwanda.  And
unfortunately, Tutsi attitudes of contempt for Hutus were strong enought o
induce many to make a pact with the devil - go with Washington and be put
back in power.

" To believe what you are saying means that everything the US
does is SUBORDNATED to destroying Russia"

A) not a refutation b) not accurate statement of my views.  U.S. is operating
on a vast scale, BUT key strategic thrust of their attack is the Balkans and
former SU.  That can be seen in (for example) vast extent of resources

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