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As you can see, this had already been planned prior to yesterday's attacks
in the United States; obviously the impetus for stronger repression will be
greatly intensified --

  Organizing against activists!!!
  Date: 9/9/2001 2:33:36 PM Pacific Daylight Time
  From:    lmnop at (Greg McCombs)


  The Dutch police are organising an international conference about
  the methods used to combat activism at neoliberal summits. It will
  take place from 3 to 5 October 2001 in The Hague. The official
  program can be found on the website:
  (it's an activist website, as usual we are more public than the

  The organisers claim that the goal of the conference is to prevent
  'unnecessary damage' to both sides, but it's clear that they will be
  discussing a wide variety of methods of combatting resistance,
  actions and demonstrations. As the official program reads: "It will
  be a closed forum. Senior police officers from the capitals and
  other major cities of most European countries, North America,
  Australia and New Zealand are being invited to attend. There will be
  presentations on the events in Seattle, Melbourne, Prague and The

  Among the stated goals for the conference the official program
  1. To acquire greater insight into the phenomenon of "global civil
  2. To share information and successful tactics for maintaining order
  during summit conferences.
  3. To build up an international network of police experts.
  4. To set up a permanent interchange of expertise and to
  intensify international cooperation in this area.

  The program continues:
  " The ultimate goal is to achieve a situation in which it remains
  possible to carry on holding summits without this leading to
  serious public order disturbances and riots, and in which at the
  same time the democratic right to demonstrate can be exercised
  as a legitimate means of influencing international political and
  financial decision-making.(...) ".

  By the way; as one can read in the official program, the
  organisers have invited someone to give a speech from the
  viewpoint of 'civil society'. We are in (good) contact with this
  person, and he is still in doubt as to whether he should collaborate
  or not. If he does, he will tell them loud and clear which atrocities
  police-forces have been committing and will not colaborate with
  them in any other way.

  Activist groups in the Netherlands are keeping a close watch on
  this conference, and discussing different options for dealing with it.
  At the moment various ideas for debate, awareness-raising and
  action are being developed.

  One of the things we have agreed on is that we would like to use
  this as an opportunity for activists to gather information about the
  means and methods that police (and other repressive forces and
  intelligence services) have been using against internationalist
  demonstrators/activists. We are therefore keen to receive
  information on this topic as well as related experiences concerning
  so-called anti- globalisation activities from 'Seattle' onwards. We
  are especially interested in analyses of the tactics employed by
  police and other state forces at different events and summits. We
  also welcome any comprehensive reviews of these and similar
  events containing details of numbers of arrests (and ultimate
  prosecutions) and wounded, 'illegal' police methods, actions, etc.
  We also plan to organise a modest debate for activists about
  various forms of repression, present and future. More information
  on this event will be distributed later. For the longer term, we would
  also like to discuss ways of establishing more structured form of
  information-sharing around this issue. You can contact us by
  email at: kh at If you want us to keep you informed, let us

  We will be posting new information on the website of the Dutch
  'Copwatch'-group Buro Jansen en Janssen: More background information is also to
  be found on the website of Statewatch:

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