Blowback: US connections to today's bombings

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el 11 Sep 01, a las 21:39, Stuart Lawrence dijo:

> Jared,
> I suspect you'll seize on any piece
> of analysis if you think it might soften people up for your ultimate conspiracy
> theory, one in which army brass, Morgan Stanley executives, and the most
> expensive real estate in the world are just as expendable as Iraqi children and
> houses.

Maybe there is a structural difference between the World Trade Center and 
Iraqui (or Argentinean, for that matter; 16,000 kids die in Argentina each year 
due to American-imposed financial arrangements) children. And we may even agree 
that this difference may have a decissive point here. But (and this is an 
essential BUT) what Jared seems to be trying to point out is that whoever had 
made the move, it is obvious that this move seems a present from Heavens to our 

In this sense, so to say, his "conspiration" theory as you derisively call it 
may simply be an easy way to put things in some form of order that can allign 
them with what we all expect to happen.

Let us (particularly American cdes.) focus on what is expected or bound to 

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