Why arab people are happy.

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el 12 Sep 01, a las 7:54, Riad Kobaisi dijo:

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> Hi comrades
>  I just want to reminde that the Arab people are not the only people who hates
>  America. so [...] plz dont blame arabs if you see them happy with what
>  is happening.  

I would like to reassure Riad about this. Even the American friends on this 
list are fully aware of the actual meaning of the acronym USA for billions of 
innocent people whose lives are subjected to destruction on the four corners of 
the planet, and nobody can deny that, in an awkward sense, the guy in Argentina 
who sent a sobering posting on the blastings with the title "The rage of God" 
expressed a widespread feeling. So that we all understand that dozens of 
Palestinian or Arab youth break out to the streets and start rejoicing in 

This said, however, I insist once again in the necessity to keep a cool head. 
And keeping a cool head, in my own opinion, means that we should not disperse 
our mind on rather secondary issues such as "who did it", "how can someone be 
happy", and similars. It requires from us to focus on the more important issues 
arising from the question "what will they do next and how can we stop the 
backlash?". Full, unrestricted condemnation of terrorism, together with the 
clear indictment of the USA as the first and foremost terrorist nation in the 
planet, seem to be the first reaction. But this is not enough. Not enough.

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