New York/Washington Bombings

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En relación a New York/Washington Bombings, 
el 12 Sep 01, a las 11:52, Paul Flewers dijo:

> As for 'who gains' from these bombings; that's clear -- the US ruling class.
> That isn't to say, pace Jared I, that the US ruling class did a 'Reichstag Fire'

It was not Jared. It was me. But I insist: debating on the relative strengths 
and weaknesses of the ruling class as regards terrorist acts committed against 
the ruling class is nonsensical. Paul may well believe they were taken off mark 
by a small gang of terrorists. I tend to believe that the gang of terrorists, 
at the very least, enjoyed some kind of grey zone in the security community of 
the United States, Jared tends to bluntly believe that "they did it".

I would not start a war on this. I don't think it is worth the time, not for me 
at least, because I don't need to convince anyone (as our American comrades 
have to) that the general thrust of the American foreign policy is of loot and 
ransom the world over. I insist, and in part because this event has put our 
friends in the First World in an entirely different position: the actual debate 
is "what will the backlash be".

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