My last one on "who did it", just for the record

Stewart Sinclair stewsinc at
Wed Sep 12 09:05:47 MDT 2001

A key component that probably shouldn't be overlooked are radicalized
members of the US intelligence community - both members and
ex-members.  Intimate knowledge of the structure of those buildings,
airline security procedures and the capacity for carrying out a widely
dispersed, highly skilled and coordinated operations could come from those
sources more readily than anywhere else in the world.

After all who is better trained in terrorism?  Who has come to rely in it more?

This is not to imply that they would be the only component, but a key one
never-the-less.  If this is the case this truly is a disaster for the US
ruling class.

There are a number of movies out there that are build on this theme.  It
has happened in genuinely political ways in the past.  Phil Agee (I think
that's his name) former CIA, Donald Duncan, former Green Beret, etc. come
to mind.

Stew S.

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>Subject: My last one on "who did it", just for the record
>On a posting to rad-green, Macdonald quotes Fidel as saying:
> > "There is no power in the world today, however big it may be, that can
> > avoid acts of this nature. They are conducted by fanatics, people
> > indifferent to death," said Castro

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