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Our large website has a number of new additions and
expansions -- which are found in the upper portion of our Index [Directory.]

Our site is  well visited -- by a wide range of people: Native and
non-Native.  This -- posted yesterday, September 11th -- is our published
website comment:


I have a few things to say briefly and bluntly on this awful day of
September 11, 2001.  And I strongly think genuinely thoughtful people will
agree with me.

This tragedy of today, almost beyond any human comprehension,  is simply one
more in a sanguinary progression of  hideous events around the world shaped
by the people-strangling chess game of major powers and their clients in
the context of  greedy, profiteering economic systems and power drives.

We've been bombing Iraq for more than a decade. [I opposed  that war as I
have opposed every single United States war and military excursion since
Korea -- including our recent adventures in southeast Europe.] We've bombed
Libya.  We've  contributed substantially to the tragedies of  Lebanon.   We
have certainly looked away again and again and again from much of the utter
tragedy visited upon Palestinian civilians.  And a great number of Americans
indeed have been completely oblivious -- or outrightly opposed -- to the
compelling and eminently just need by the Palestinian people for Land --
their Land.

[Native American people can definitely understand the need for Land -- our

The United States is certainly not alone in its sins of omission and
commission.  There are other very culpable nations and related dimensional

 Given all of this and much more, who should be really be surprised that
these rivers of bloody injustice have played into the hands of fanatics?

I hope there is enough  good sense in Washington, and in the country as a
whole, to refrain from the kind of sanguinary outburst abroad that can only
make things infinitely worse.   If ever there was a time to fight sensibly
to make peace processes work --  very importantly, peace with full
justice -- it is now.  The hour is late -- tragically late -- but it is
never too late.

There is now a tremendous danger of a witch-hunt within the United States:
against our own civil liberties -- and against  people of Middle Eastern

In 1996, a hysterical Congress passed the Anti-Terrorist Act -- which has --
in the context of virtually no domestic terrorism -- set up a widespread
network of FBI-managed Federal/state/local "task forces" and  related
endeavours. All of these have conducted an increasingly  wide-ranging war
against our American civil rights and civil liberties.  This Website has had
considerable material on this increasingly uninhibited witch-hunting
operation -- and we shall have much more indeed.

It is critical, in these difficult days ahead, that we fight -- sensibly and
effectively and with every ethical resource at our command -- to protect our
civil liberties and our civil rights from anyone and any force which would
create and foster  paranoid fear and hysteria and utilize those irrational
winds to bring this country -- in however veiled and subtle a fashion --
closer and closer to a police state.

Finally, at this point, the ethnic nationalities in the United States that
are most vulnerable to every kind of scapegoat attack are the peoples of
Middle Eastern background.  It is critically incumbent upon all of us --
whoever we are -- that we practice to the hilt that time-honoured principle,
"An Injury To One Is An Injury To All'' and work with commitment,
determination, and the most intense vigour to effectively protect the human
rights of those people of Middle Eastern background -- and  the rights of
all others.

Hunter Gray [ September 11, 2001]

Hunter Gray [Hunterbear]

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