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>From a member of Socialist Alternative in New York City:

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> From: Margaret Collins
> Subject: Re: World Trade Center Bombings
> Comrades,
> I was out in the street in Greenwich Village and I saw part of the
> first World Trade Center Towers collapse. A man standing next to me seemed
> to be in shock. He said he worked in the World Trade Center and he was late
> for work today, all his co- workers were dead. As he spoke to me, I saw the
> second Tower collapse completely. People were jumping out the windows
> engulfed in flames. After the first blast, people covered with white ash
> were running up the main streets, to get away from the wave of smoke that
> was following them. Clusters of men and women were weeping in the streets.
> I went to Bellevue hospital to donate blood. Thousands of
> people are doing the same. I am going to volunteer because they are looking
> for health care workers to help out in the hospitals.
> Does the US think they are immune to attack considering
> what they have done all around the world? The chickens are coming home to
> roost as Malcolm X said.  After reports got back during the Gulf War that
> the US army were shooting Iraqi's in the back after they had already laid
> down their arms and surrendered, I remember General Schwarzkopf saying that
> the numbers of Iraqi dead didn't matter to him, they were just "collateral
> damage". I just hope this will not be used as an excuse to start a
> war and kill more women and children. Already the US is looking for
> scapegoats. It seems the tail will be pinned on Osama Ben Laden. The cable
> news stations are showing footage of rejoicing on the West Bank, this is
> obviously meant to inflame people over here. I was surprised however, that
> many people were remarking that something like this was bound to happen.
> All areas below Canal street are evacuated. Quite a bit of
> transportation and daily activity has been suspended. I will keep you
> posted.
> Comradely, Margaret Collins

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