New York/Washington Bombings

Paul Flewers hatchet.job at
Wed Sep 12 11:35:23 MDT 2001

Néstor G wrote: < I insist, and in part because this event has put our
friends in the First World in an entirely different position: the actual
debate is "what will the backlash be. >

I fully agree. The impact of the bombings on US foreign policy and on US
domestic attitudes, and the knock-on effect in the other imperialist
countries, will be the most important thing for left-wingers.

I can well imagine attacks upon anyone whom the USA and its allies see as
responsible, or who can be attacked in lieu of finding those responsible. I
think that Iraq's open applause (as far as I can tell, has anyone read the
whole statement?) for the bombings makes it a prime target for a revenge
raid. What chance is it that Iraq will be found responsible -- I think it's
very likely, and I think that few people in the West will demur from such a
verdict. I also think that Israel will come down far harder upon the
Palestinians, possibly even trying to drive them out of Israel, or at least
build a cordon sanitaire around the Palestinian areas.

Paul F

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