IMF, WB consider canceling DC meet

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AP. 12 September 2001. IMF, World Bank Considering Whether to Cancel
Annual Meetings.

WASHINGTON -- Officials at the International Monetary Fund and the World
Bank said Wednesday they are considering cancellation of their annual
meetings this month because of the terrorist attacks in New York and

Officials at the international lending institutions said no final
decision had been made. The two were being urged to cancel the meetings
or delay them because of heightened security worries after terrorists
hijacked planes Tuesday and crashed them into the World Trade Center and
the Pentagon.

District of Columbia Police Chief Charles Ramsey said Tuesday that he
would recommend canceling the meetings, and a spokesman for Mayor
Anthony Williams said the mayor was exploring the possibility of a

The Sept. 29-30 meetings already had been cut to just two days instead
of a week because of mounting costs for providing security in the face
of expected widespread demonstrations. The event was expected to draw
tens of thousands of protesters, which would require intense security in
the nation's capital. Local police had been hoping for help from other
police forces, including the New York City Police Department.

The Mobilization for Global Justice, the main umbrella group for the
protests, canceled its planning meetings for this week because of the
attacks, said demonstration organizer Matt Smucker. He said they haven't
decided whether the protests will go forward.

World Bank and IMF officials said the views of local officials were
being taken into account in the discussions.

IMF spokesman William Murray said Wednesday that no decision had been
made, but talks were under way. "The status of the annual meetings will
be discussed in coming days in the wake of these horrific events,"
Murray said.

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